Our Vision : To make the world barrier-free

We LITALICO Inc. started a project called LITALICO FUN STUDIO which utilizes technology to broaden the possibilities of all people around the world, based on the theme of education x welfare x entertainment.
We provide applications and services that help nurture talent and personality of every person with any kind of disabilities or nationalities. We aim to make the world better place that all kinds of human beings can live happily.

3 strong points

No Ads
No Advertisements
are shown in the app.
Anybody can easily use
regardless of disabilities.
Everybody from kids to adults
can enjoy playing the game.


Takashi Kishida
Yoshiyuki Higo
Takashi Kishida
Kengo Yokoyama


Daiki Enomoto

Daiki Enomoto

Master (University of Tokyo, Graduate School of Interdisciplinary Information Studies)

He is a member of a research team organized with professionals of various kinds of fields that research for social problems. After joining LITALICO Inc., he launched a community service called “LITALICO Hattatsu Navi (English name: LITALICO Development Navi)” formerly known as “Famiel” which supports families of disabled children. He had also been responsible for human resource development for teachers of LITALICO JUNIOR, the cram school for disabled or mentally burdened children. Currently he incubates and designs the learning materials and services, and also engages in effect validation studies.

Akina Noguchi

Akina Noguchi

Ph.D (University of Tsukuba, Disability Sciences)

She aims to make the society where every single child has the right to learn, based on the specialization of building an inclusive educational system on public education. She first became a teacher at an elementary school, then joined LITALICO Inc. After an experience of teaching at LITALICO JUNIOR the cram school for children, she dedicated on building a training system as a supervisor. From April 2014, she has been assigned as an executive officer and a Vice President of Litalico Junior department.


We are always looking for cooperation, instead of competition. We look forward to hearing from companies and developers who empathize with our project and/or vision.
Thank you!